About Medford, Oregon

The finest tourist attractions can be found in Medford City in Oregon where the climate is sunnier and which suits the active tourists with active lifestyles and a man who hungers for a road adventure. One of the main attractions in Medford city is the Alba Park. This particular park is primarily known as the oldest park in Medford city and they call it the Library Park as it is close to the Medford Carnegie Library. The place of interest is the gazebo – an octagonal shape pavilion, an artistic statue showing the best buddy of man – the dog – and a boy boarded by a petite fountain pool, and a firearm from World War II which gives emphasis to the beauty of the park. Medford City conducts its annual Pear Blossom Run at the Medford city hall accompanied by the numerous sales of collectibles throughout the day. As of the city’s natural beauty, they have here a well-known landmark of Medford, the Roxy Ann Peak. Its name is after Roxy Ann Bowen, who lived on the foot hills. This landmark is an illustration of a dormant volcano. Nearby the Roxy Ann Park is the largest Park of Medford, the Prescott Park. It was named after a policeman who sacrificed himself for his pledged obligation in the name of George J. Prescott. Another destination in Medford City is known for its second rank in the largest parks in the city, the Bear Creek Park. This park is popular among people of Medford with a heart of extreme sports adventure for it has a BMX track, tennis courts, Skate Park and a large park

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