About Portland, Oregon

If you want to feel at home even though you are on a trip, you might as well visit the City of Portland. It resembles a huge metropolitan area with an atmosphere of friendly people and green sceneries. You would be even more delighted to know that its shopping malls, boutiques, and establishments offer the cheapest price tags in the entire country. Not to mention, it has been called as one of the best places to live in. In addition to this, it has been said that it is the ultimate destination for those who want a memorable vacation. Despite the fact that it is a bustling city, it has still been nicknamed as The City of Roses. The government continues to do the best they can to make the place greener. They do this by promoting the use of environment friendly materials, whether in the different industries or modes of transportation. To support this, Portland is currently bearing the mark of the Greenest City in America. For this, it has received a book material rank as the second Greenest City across the globe. Portland also has its ample supply of alluring gardens and parks. Among the most popular ones include Forest Park, Washington Park, Oregon Zoo, Council Crest Park, and International Rose Test Garden. Portland does not receive very harsh weather conditions. For this, it is the perfect destination for those seeking a thrilling adventure and warm sightseeing weather. Tourists have always been lining up in the streets of the city. The shops here include the Pearl District and Downtown Portland, which are the usual destination of the shopaholics. Lastly, their recreational sites such as the World Forestry Center, and Oregon Zoo are always welcome to accommodate large crowds on a daily basis.

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