About Salem, Oregon

Salem City is the capital of the state of Oregon. As the capital city of the state, the cherry city offers outstanding sight attractions. Salem is a blend of traditional and modern culture which means even though the metropolis is already modern they have been able to preserve that tradition, which makes it an interesting place to visit. All year round, Salem City offers a lot of activities and festivals. One of the notable events in the city is the Salem Cherryland Festival, an annual event that celebrates the city’s abundance of cherries. From May to October Salem Saturday Market exhibits crafts, baked goods, meat and other products. World Beat Festivals is also another much awaited event because it features folklore, food, dance, music and crafts from different parts of the world. If you want to see other interesting points in Salem City, it would be great to visit the Salem’s downtown which contains the Willamette River, Riverfront Park, Elsinore Theatre, Hallie Ford Museum, Mission Mill Museum and some of the oldest buildings in the state. There are also a wide array of shopping malls, restaurants and clubs within the city. The Reed Opera House is also an amazing location of Salem City, featuring art galleries, local shops and dinning establishment. The impressive cherries planted along several streets of the city, particularly on the Capitol Mall near the Capitol are also an attractive sight to see. Silver Falls State Park and Willamette Mission State Park offer exciting outdoor activities for tourist such as horse trails, biking and extensive hiking. Salem City is a real treat.

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