About Allentown, Pennsylvania

Allentown City is situated in the Lehigh County of Pennsylvania. This city is located near the Lehigh River. The climate of the place falls under the humid continental climate zone. As a result, the residents experience warm to hot summers and cold winters. This is why there are many tourists are attracted to the favorable environment of the place. With regards to the arts and entertainment features of the city, the Allentown Symphony Orchestra is the most popular landmark. Sometimes, this famous establishment depicts the culture of the city back in its settlement time in the 18th century. For those who love tasting different flavors, Allentown is the right place to be in. This is because Allentown offers a taste of exquisite cuisines which include apple butter, scrapple, Lebanon bologna, Coleslaw and chow-chow. There are also additional delicious and luscious foods that can be tasted such as the funnel cakes, shoofly pie and birch beer. Just like its many flavors, entertainment facilities are abundant in this city. In this list includes the Allen Park, Howard Keck Juniata Play Lot, Hanover Acres Play Lot, South Mountain Reservoir and Park, Lumber & Benton Play Lot, Old Fairgrounds Playground and a lot more parks that offer a great view. Additional recreational places that can be visited include the Allentown Municipal Golf Course for sporty individuals and the Cedar Beach Pool for those who plan to go sunbathing. Those traveling with kids will enjoy the amenities offered at the Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. Aside from these places, Allentown also offers a lot of enjoyable festivities that attract tourists every year.

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