About Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

In Eastern Pennsylvania, particularly in Lehigh Valley is located the Bethlehem City. This city is the 6th in the list of the Largest Cities in Pennsylvania. Bethlehem City comes after Philadelphia, Allenton, Pittsburgh, Reading and Erie. The 731 square miles land area of Bethlehem City is populated of more or less 800,000 residents. The city is considered as very populous especially because its population is continuously increasing. Bethlehem City has 3 divisions, the West Bethlehem, the South Bethlehem and the North Bethlehem. In the National Register of Historic Places, each division have special areas that are vital in the city’s history. The Money Magazine July 2006 issue included Bethlehem in the “Top 100 Best Places to Live”. Specifically, the city got the 88th position. This recognition given by the magazine paves the way to the city’s better tourism. More and more tourists are going to the city to experience if it’s really a nice place for their families. The city’s climate belongs under the Humid Continental Climate Zone. Cold winter, humid and hot summer, mild fall and spring are all experienced by the City during particular months. Precipitation occurs throughout the year along with thunderstorms in summer, rain showers in fall and spring, and snow fall during winter. The regular temperature that the city has is 34°F in January and 84°F in July. The city could always offer great vacation activities and destinations throughout the year. You will surely enjoy Bethlehem City in whatever type of climate. The city is good for your vacation retreat or as your residence.

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