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Coordinates: 41°9?37?N 80°5?13?W? / ?41.16028°N 80.08694°W? / 41.16028; -80.08694Grove City is a borough in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, approximately 50 miles (80 km) north of Pittsburgh. It is the home of Grove City College, a private conservative Christian liberal arts college; General Electric; Instron; USIS; George G. Howe Co.; and a number of small businesses. It is also the home to George Junior Republic, an all-boys institution. GJR serves to house, school, and treat 400 high school-aged boys from troubled backgrounds. Historically a traditional industrial center, Grove City has manufactured locomotive engines, carriages, gas engines, foundry products, and motor trucks. Over the years, Grove City has maintained a small town atmosphere appealing to family life. Recreational facilities and medical facilities are readily available.Grove City has recently completed a revitalization of the downtown district designed to foster economic development. This involved a lengthy beautification initiative targeting the business district, which included the installation of two large community-based murals. The downtown area is composed mainly of small businesses, specialty shops, banking institutions and other service providers.Grove City is also home to the Grove City Premium Outlets, one of the top outlet malls of the United States. Its famous for attracting customers from out of state and from Canada due to not having any sales tax on clothing in Pennsylvania.In 1900, the population numbered 1,599; in 1910, 3,674 people lived there; and in 1940, 6,296 people lived there. At the 2000 census, the population was 8,024. Grove City is part of the Youngstown?Warren?Boardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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  • Area Code: 724
  • Postal Codes: 16127
  • Timezone: Eastern