About Goose Creek, South Carolina

Goose Creek is a city located in the county of Berkeley in the state of South California. Goose Creek is a moderately young city, which was only incorporated in 1961. The current name of the city has been its name since the 1600s and there is no definite source to its origin; however the town has been in existence almost since time immemorial. The city boasts of a very long history; it was first inhabited by Native Americans, then the people from Barbados, and Europe, among other immigrants who made the town their home. Currently, the city of Goose Creek boasts preserving its small town atmosphere while moving forward towards the new era. The city has made considerable progress in terms of its economy and infrastructure too. The natural treasures have also been carefully preserved by the community that it has been a source of pride for them. At present, there are 36,000 people who are proud to call the city of Goose Creek their home . There is a significant military presence in the city like the Naval Nuclear Power School, SPAWAR, and the Nuclear Power Training Unit Charleston. For the reason that Goose Creek has well preserved its natural resources, there is an abundance of outdoor activities that residents and visitors alike can do. There are an endless number of parks where picnics, playgrounds, and playing fields are available for use. For outdoorsy visitors, there are walking trails available in most parks they can try out. The city’s recreation department also makes sure that there is no lack of festivities all year round to keep the festive mood alive.

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