About Johns Island, South Carolina

Johns Island, also spelled John's Island, is the largest island in the U.S. State of South Carolina, and the fourth largest on the East coast. It is surpassed in size by Long Island NY, Mt Desert Island ME and Martha?s Vineyard MA. Johns Island is 84 square miles in size with a population of 14,000 people and scores of wildlife species: including deer, alligators, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, otters and wild hogs. The rivers and marshes that make this an island abound with fish and shellfish, esp. oysters, and the ever popular local dolphins. The numbers of bird species are in the hundreds. They include bald eagles, osprey, wild turkeys, owls, hawks, herons, egrets and ducks. The flora is also abundant with many native and imported species as well as agricultural crops. Originally a farming community, the island's history dates back centuries as the site of several prominent plantations, producing much of the area's rice, indigo, and cotton exports.Farming still exists today,and with the rise in popularity of local fruits, meats, and vegetables the island has experienced a rebirth in this historic function. The island's close promximity to Downtown Charleston and beautiful scenic property make it a prime location for development. Numerous high density developments have been created in parts of the island zoned into the City of Charleston. However, the vast majority of the island still rests within the jurisdiction of the County of Charleston. Despite the development, the island manages to maintained its rural character and heritage, and several restaurants and stores reflect the local culture and lowcountry flair. During the American Revolution and Civil War there were many skirmishes and battles on the island including the Battle at Rosebank Farms and the Battle of Bloody Bridge, also known as Burden's Creek.

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