About Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Mount Pleasant is known to be the fifth largest city in South Carolina and a big suburban town of Charleston County. For years now, it has served to be one of the most productive areas of the entire state that its population size even doubled between the years of 1990 and 2000. The city’s most well known attraction is found at the foot of the Arthur Ravenal Bridge that is called the Patriot’s Point. It is a known museum that features maritime and naval items particularly the World War II aircraft called as the USS Yorktown. Now the attraction is considered a museum ship while the bridge is a vast highway composed of eight lanes. The parks which can be found within the city come in wide varieties like beach parks, piers where you can fish, numerous boat landings, day and water parks, and even dog friendly parks where you can walk your pet dog without the leash. These parks are made available in Palmetto Islands, James Island, and North Charleston Wannamaker County. The James Island park has a climbing wall that is 50 foot high and has a cave that is bouldering. It is also the venue where their most popular Lowcountry Cajun Festival is held annually. Other interesting events held in the amazing parks of the city would be the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival, the ordinary reggae concerts held during the summer season and the Holiday Festival of Lights held from middle of November up to the first month of the succeeding year.

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