About Sumter, South Carolina

Almost positioned at the core of South Carolina is the seat of the Sumter County, the City of Sumter. Both were named in honor of General Thomas Sumter, a hero of the American Revolutionary War. The area where the city lies today used to be an agricultural center and was called Carolina Backcountry by the early English settlers. Sumter is renowned for its excellent combination of classy gardens, dazzling residential homes, and varied industrial buildings. In fact, its appealing surroundings and wealthy economy magnetized more residents to settle around the area, making it as the largest city in its county. From an agricultural hub, it jumped to a higher level when the Shaw Air Force Base opened in Sumter. More opportunities for high skilled workers, housing, and business seeped into the area. It accelerated its popularity for textiles, biotech, retail, and medical facilities; therefore, it became a principal region in South Carolina. Fast forward to the 21st century, still it’s fixed right on the top of the major cities in the state. Only in Sumter can one find all eight species of swans housed in just a single public park, the Swan Lake Iris Gardens. During holidays, this park also hosts the largest Christmas display in the state for free, the Swan Lake Fantasy of Lights. The city itself hosts annual festivals and events such as the Iris Festival and the Sumter Shaw Street Fest. After the festivities, one can then shop at Sumter Square Shopping Center, Savannah Plaza Shopping Center, and other famous shopping malls in town.

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Sumter Facts

  • Population Total: 40524
  • Square Miles: 26.6
  • Area Code: 803
  • Elevation: 171
  • Postal Codes: 29150, 29151, 29153, 29154
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: Array