The Top Ten South Dakota Attractions

South Dakota is the 5th least populous state but it is also the 17th most extensive state. South Dakota is covered by a lot of temperate grasslands biome. Crops and grasses cover a lot of the region and near most of the rivers you can find willows, elms and cottonwood trees. Here are the top ten South Dakota attractions.

10. The Journey Museum and Gardens

The Journey Museum and Gardens is located in Rapid City South Dakota. It's a museum of some beautiful gardens. Some of the exhibits include the Star Room, Flood exhibit and the Black Hills Forest then and now.

9. Bramble Park Zoo

The Bramble Park Zoo is located in Watertown South Dakota. The zoo has around 500 animals and those animals represent a variety of 130 species. Some of the exhibits, animals and the facilities include the Jaguar Junction, Discover Center, The Children's Playground, African cichlids, Lionfish, Snow Geese, African pancake tortoises and Gray wolves.

8. Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is located in Northwest Jackson South Dakota. This historic site was established back in 1999 and it helps to illustrate the significance and the history of the things that happened in the Cold War, the intercontinental ballistic missile and the arms race.

7. Great Plains Zoo

The Great Plains Zoo is located in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Some of the exhibits and the attractions at the Great Plains Zoo include the Asian Cat exhibit, the African Savannah and the Savannah Express.

6. Reptile Gardens

The Reptile Gardens is located in Rapid City South Dakota. It's an animal park and it has many exotic plants and reptiles that are very unique. Some of the exhibits include the Bird program and the Sky Dome.

5. Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills National Forest is located in the southwestern part of South Dakota plus it's also located in the northeastern part of Wyoming. It's a forest that covers over 1.25 million acres. The Forest Service manages it.

4. Corn Palace

Corn Palace is located in Mitchell South Dakota. It's a facility and a multipurpose arena. Over 500,000 people visit the Corn Palace every year for a variety of events. The Corn Palace helps to serve the community as a popular venue for exhibits, sports events, concerts and for many other events that happen in the community throughout the year.

3. Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial is located in Crazy Horse South Dakota. It's a mountain monument complex and Henry Standing Bear, the Lakota elder, back in 1929 commissioned the memorial.

2. Custer State Park

The Custer State Park is located in East Custer South Dakota. It's a state park and it also reserves wildlife. The park annually rounds up buffalo and then they auction the buffalo in September.

1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in Mount Rushmore South Dakota. It's a sculpture that's carved into the face that's granite of Mount Rushmore. It features sculptured heads of the four US Presidents being: President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, President Theodore Roosevelt and President Abraham Lincoln.

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