The Top 10 Tennessee Tourist Attractions

Tennessee is located in the Southeastern part of the USA. It's the 17th state that is the most populous. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. One of the very last states to leave the actual Union was Tennessee. In 1861, Tennessee joined the Confederacy in time of the U.S. Civil War. Tennessee has grown a lot and has many popular attractions. Here are the top 10 Tennessee Tourist Attractions.

10. Stones River National Battlefield

In Murfreesboro, Tennessee one popular tourist attraction is the Stones River National Battlefield. The key battle that took place in the American Civil War happened at this national battlefield on December 31st , 1862 and on January 2nd, 1863 and this helped the Union win.

9. Cumberland County Playhouse

You're in for a treat if you visit the Cumberland County Playhouse in Crossville, Tennessee. They have shows, concerts and tours that you'll never forget. The prices vary depending on what show or concert you want to see so it's best to always contact them ahead of time to confirm the price and the time.

8. Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

In the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee one beautiful place to visit is the Roaring Fork stream. This stream is very volatile like many of the other streams in mountains. It often times just trickles down but at any point it can quickly turn into a whitewater that's raging. What makes this memorable is that the water has a beautiful roar with it that gets amplified by the echo with the mountains that surround it.

7. Lotz House Museum

In Franklin, Tennessee in 1858 the Lotz House was made and it's now listed under the National Register of Historic Places and it was listed in the year 1976. The Lotz House has a mixture of both tragedy and beauty. It was located right in the heart of where one of the bloodiest battles happened in the Civil War.

6. CLIMB Works Canopy

In Gatlinburg, TN take a canopy tour and see the Smoky Mountain National Park. Go on a four wheel adventure that will take you on top of the mountains and then be ready for your feet to not touch the ground for at least 2 1/2 hours while you are on this tour. If you are ready for some adventure then you can zip around over the streams, ravines, wildlife, trees and look at some of the awesome views of the gorgeous National Park.

5. Rapid Expeditions

If you're in the mood for some fun in the water then you should out the Rapid Expeditions in Hartford, TN. A tour guide will be there that will share his knowledge and humor of the river. This is a rapid expedition that can be fun for all of the family. It's recommended that you take one of the beginner kayaking classes before going on the rapid expedition if you've never done it before.

4. Tennessee Aquarium

In Chattanooga, Tennessee the Aquarium is packed with lots of fish, animals and fun for all ages. They have a wonderful jelly fish display and you'll even get to see some lizards. Start off your visit in the River building and then make your way to the Ocean building. Learn about how the Tennessee River system works and much more. You'll find yourself there for at least two hours or more because of how much you'll be enjoying it.

3. Parrot Mountain & Gardens

Bird lovers will love visiting the Parrot Mountain & Gardens. This place seems to be hidden within the Smoky Mountains. The drive is steep and worth it because once you get there you'll be able to see some incredible flowers and birds not to mention the parrots. Inside it's just like a beautiful jungle and tropical paradise. Be sure that you have your camera ready to take some pictures of the birds. They do have a refreshment area and a gift shop that has some very unique items in there with bird themes.

2. Memphis Zoo

When the weather is nice and you're in the mood to see some animals then take a trip to the Memphis Zoo and you won't be disappointed. There are activities for children of all ages and for the family. You'll be able to some pandas, a primate and cat exhibit plus much more and sometimes you might even be able to see a show. You can walk around easily at this zoo and the staff is very helpful. You'll be amazed as to how many animals they have and how clean the zoo is in Memphis.

1. Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Be sure that you visit the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville Tennessee. Music Director Giancarlo Guerrero and the President plus the CEO is Alan D. Valentine leads the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The reputation for this Grammy Award winning center continues to grow. The orchestra actually offers a variety of special events and can do anything from classical to pop. It has community outreach programs and it also does a lot of performances done by the Nashville Symphone. There are also two restaurants in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and one offers fine dining while the other is more casual. You can take a tour of the center free of charge.

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