About College Grove, Tennessee

College Grove is an unincorporated town near Franklin and Murfreesboro in Williamson County, Tennessee, United States. College Grove is predominantly rural.Williamson County was founded in 1799, and College Grove was one of its early communities. College Grove gained population during 1880-1920. College Grove includes commercial and rural structures. :3,4,8,9In the 1880's, College Grove had "100 residents, with three cotton gins, two corn and saw mills, two general stores, and a wagon maker." :29Located in College Grove is The Bank of College Grove, whose building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.The College Grove Methodist Church is NRHP-listed and is described in the Williamson MRA. :31* William Allison House, Alternate U.S. Route 31, 2 miles south of College Grove* The Bank of College Grove, Alternate U.S. Route 31* Bostick Female Academy, on U.S. Route 41A in Triune, is listed in the NRIS database as being in College Grove.* College Grove Methodist Church, Alternate U.S. Route 31* William Ogilvie House, Western side of Alternate U.S. Route 31, 1 mile south of College Grove* Dr. Urban Owen House, Alternate U.S. Route 31* Parks Place, Cox Rd.The Webb Guards company of the Tennessee infantry was raised in Triune, Tennessee, College Grove, Peytonsville, Tennessee and Bethesda, Tennessee. :24

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