About Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin City is situated at Williamson County, which is part of Tennessee. It has a land area of 30 square miles and based from the 2008 census, the city has a population of 58,481. According to its history, Abram Maury, Jr. was the one who founded the city. His popularity in the state has earned him a position at the senate when he won as a Senator. Today, the city is being headed by Mayor John Schroer, who aims to maintain a clean and green society. The local government along with other organizations in the place is helping each other to keep it always clean and raise environmental awareness among its residents. The residents of Franklin are seriously following the rules of the place particularly when it comes to segregating the solid waste materials. There is a schedule when the garbage is to be picked and it is also a must that they separate those that can still be recycled from biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. If you are going to visit this place you will notice how organized the city is. What makes the city attractive is its natural beauty since there are trees around and the surrounding is clean. The improvement of the economy in Franklin City is because of some major companies that were established in the place. CoolSprings Galleria is the largest company established in Franklin wherein they have 3,500 employees. Other companies such as Community Health Systems, Williamson Medical Center, Nissan North America, and Verizon are also contributors to the success in the economy of Franklin.

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