About Germantown, Tennessee

If you are planning to take a visit to the fabulous Germantown City, you will locate it within the County of Shelby, Tennessee in United States. It is one of the suburbs in Memphis, Tennessee. Additionally, its economy is currently being dominated by commercial services as well as retail service sectors. There is not any kind of heavy industry within the city. Within the center of the Germantown City is the neighborhood of the “Old Germantown”. If you want to know some of the history of the city, you can drop by this place and discover the mystery yourself. The Old Germantown is known to be anchored by the neighborhood’s railroad depot as well as the railroad tracks. The depot and the tracks are one of the evidences of the neighborhood’s earliest days, especially its outpost development between the Charleston Railroad and the Memphis. Furthermore, the city will never bore you once you are already within it. The city as well as the surrounding areas of it is sprinkled with vast horse farms as well as little barns that are housing few horses. Also, aside from this scenic farms are the horse competition as well as shows that you will definitely enjoy. There are events celebrated each year in order for their tourists to go back and watch for more. The most popular show among all of these events is the Germantown Charity Show conducted during the month of June. Other major events that are being celebrated annually are the Arts and Craft Fair and the Germantown Festival which are conducted in the early part of September.

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