About Hendersonville, Tennessee

Hendersonville, located in the Sumner County, is 18 miles away from the Tennessee’s capital which is Nashville. Though it’s not the seat of its home county, still it is the largest, carrying about 50,000 of inhabitants which are all profuse in the 32.9 square miles of its land area. Due to its safe environment and friendly neighborhood, Hendersonville was cited in the 2009’s top ten cities for families. The economy of the city fired off after the completion of the Old Hickory Dam in the year 1954. This dam is situated at the center of the state and was designed to increase the power production in the area. It was made into existence by the U.S. Army of Corps Engineers. Since 1992, the Rhoades Car Company in the metropolitan took the same level of achievement which was once owned by the Old Hickory Dam. It is also one of the largest quadracycle manufactures across the globe. The Indian Lake Village is also a wide recreation and shopping center in the area. Aside from that, it also has spaces for residential lots and business sites. The attractive sections in the area and in its surrounding vicinities also add to its flavor of beauty. Some of these are the Nashville Zoo, the Saunders Ferry Park, Drakes Creek and Hendersonville Parks, and the Bluegrass Golf and Country Club. Monthaven draws the attention of many as well for its historical environment as it was a part of the American Civil War. This is also included in the National Historic Register’s list.

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