About Jackson, Tennessee

The city of Jackson is a US city in the Madison County State of Tennessee. As its largest city, it currently holds the county seat. First settled in 1820 and originally named Alexandria the city was renamed in 1822 as Jackson in honor of General Andrew Jackson who eventually became a US President. It also has a significant page in US history as the city was a battlefield during the Civil War fought between Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Union Brigadier General Jeremiah C. Sullivan who was under the command of General Ulysses S. Grant. The city was also a junction for the early railroads of the country before the Civil War. The first of which built in 1849 was destroyed during the Civil War. Other railroads were built in this city and were cited as an important place of railroad history and succeeding railway companies built railroads in the city and still retains such a role today. The city has the Casey Jones Home & railroad museum as a reminder of the city's rich railroad history. It has a fairly small population but a high population density that make Jackson a metropolitan area, this along with the city's significance in the county. The city is also the home of the Cypress Grove Park along with the Pinson Mounds State Archeological area where Sauls' mound, the second oldest prehistoric mound in the United States is located. There are also local celebrations that the city conducts like the African Street Festival and the West Tennessee State Fair that would surely be fun and a lively activity for both locals and tourists. The nearest major airport to Jackson is Memphis International. Take a visit and experience what Jackson City can offer to you.

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