About Kingsport, Tennessee

Kingsport is a city in Tennessee which used to be the home of a Native American group called Cherokee. It lies in the counties of Sullivan and Hawkins, wherein the former has the greater portion of the area and the latter owns just small sections of it. This city has an area of 45 square miles and is located near a river, the Holston River. Its proximity to this body of water has enabled the area to put up an economy firmly standing on the grounds of shipping, making it to be an essential part in this type of business in the 1800s. A long time ago, a man named William King who would later become the city’s namesake, built a yard where boats can be repaired near the Holston River. The city became famous when a circus elephant was hanged in its area in front of a great multitude of spectators. Mary, an elephant from Asia, was said to have killed a newly hired assistant while he was leading the animal toward a pond, resulting with the public demanding her death in the soonest time possible. This incident led for some to conclude that this action of public killing was an abuse toward animals. Nicknamed as Model City, Kingsport was organized by John Nolen from the state of Massachusetts. He planned delicately the locations of buildings, religious institutions, and residential homes in the area. Kingsport also owns several shopping centers where the locals can shop and dine, and one of which is the Midtown Shopping Center.

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