About Arlington, Virginia

The city of Arlington is located across the Potomac River. The city is among the most densely populated areas in the country that is composed of different races, ethnicity and culture. Almost 43% of residents in Arlington are African-American, Asian and Hispanic/Latino. That is why most school children can speak different languages. The city is also the home of the Pentagon, the office of the Department of Defense of the United States. Visitors who flock to Arlington can also visit Washington DC because the two cities are linked by a Metro system. Likewise, the city maintains its suburban and urban life through a well-sustained policy making. Nevertheless, Arlington City is an ideal place to explore because the people are friendly. In addition, the city also offers public parks, playgrounds, biking trails, community centers and many other attractions. On the other hand, you will never get hungry throughout the duration of your stay in Arlington City because there are thousands of restaurants that are available for your budget and taste. Wherever you go, you can easily find dining places. This is also true with the accommodation since you can easily choose from the different options of apartments to budget hotels. The good thing about the city is the dynamic economy that provides excellent employment opportunities. Thus, you cannot only visit Arlington City for vacation but also if you are looking for possible employment. You can consider visiting the city from November to March or during summer weekdays and weekends. However, you should book your accommodation prior to the scheduled visit.

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