About Newport News, Virginia

Newport News is a city that is known for its different types of historic buildings, museums, and other places related to history that are worthy for sightseeing. For example there is the Hilton Village. This place has been brought back to its original concept. It is filled with lots of shops and restaurants. For those who want to take a walk along the area and take the occasional rest, there are available seating areas. One can try to see the city by reserving their place for the local tours which are on offer. For a person that loves outdoor activities, this city is one of the best in Virginia. One can go out to the many parks available for a great picnic. A person can also go on a hiking tour to many hike routes that are around the city. If you are a keen golfer you might consider going to the golf course that is available in the city. Newport News city is located by the sea. It has many different activities related to the sea that visitors can try. One is Mariners' Museum; this is one of the world's largest under water museums. For any visitor that loves the sea or ocean, they will love to go visit this museum. Newport News has a great night life. It is almost like the city comes to life when night time starts to arrive. The city also has many bars and pubs. You can sit at one of the local bars and relax with some local beer; or if you want to be sophisticated try some pinot noir. These bars are a great place to make some new friends and business contacts. Most people are friendly and approachable in this cit

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Newport News Facts

  • Population Total: 180719
  • Square Miles: 68.3
  • Area Code: 757
  • Elevation: 15
  • Timezone: Eastern Standard
  • Website: