About Bellevue, Washington

The city of Bellevue, found in the state of Washington, is fast becoming a large city in the state. Currently, Bellevue has a large number of employees and residents that come from several places all over America. Aside from becoming a large city, it has also ranked as the sixth wealthiest place in the state of Washington. The city has had little development in the past. It has a number of new structures that sprawl all over the place and this is evident of the growth it has experienced. One of the major attractions of the city which has been an evidence of its economic boom is the Bellevue Square. This is a large shopping centre that has gone through several major changes in the 1980s. The city has many other major plans in place that will give it more attractive spots for people to visit. For those who take pride strolling in the garden, a visit to the Bellevue Botanical Garden is a must. This place is one of the best kept gardens in the state. It has vast area of 36 acres which is pristine and in top condition. Bellevue offers a wide array of entertainment. One of the things that can be witnessed is a magic show. Because Bellevue is the home of several magicians, each of them offers a variety of magic tricks. There are also numerous art events that take place during the year. For example, there is the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Bellevue also has a number of comedy shows. A lot of these presentations showcase some of the best stand up acts available in the country.

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