About Olympia, Washington

As the capital of the state of Washington, Olympia’s grounds have been a part of the state’s history and to that of the entire nation, too. For thousands of years, Native Americans were settling in the area until the Europeans landed on it in the 1790s. The famous Olympia Beer was first tasted in this area through the Olympia Brewing Company. It is sitting in the County of Thurston, bearing the mark as its county seat and largest city as well. To the northwest of the city stand the Olympic Mountains, which the area was named after. Olympia is positioned near the Puget Sound, just to the southwest end of it and this sound is connected to the deep waters of Pacific Ocean. Due to its close location to this body of water, the city was designated to be the cultural center of the region which lies in the Puget Sound. The area’s cold and foggy type of weather is mainly influenced by the winds formed in the mountains of Alaska. The city of Olympia has been well known for its major part in the music scene for it was the center of the punk movement which rose into fame in the 90s. In arts, a huge number of theaters and art museums are nestled in the city, such as the Olympia Family Theater and the Capital Playhouse. It also hosted the Procession of the Species in celebration of the Earth Day. Recognized as one of the ‘can’t resist’ parades by Reader’s Digest, this type of community event was a combination of dance presentations and processions.

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