About Puyallup, Washington

“The Generous People” is the English translation for the beautiful city of Puyallup, which is situated east of Tacoma in Pierce County, Washington. Indeed, the humble beginnings of the Indians living in the Nisqually River Valley continued to pass through generations until the present. Hospitality is one of the great values that are being passed on in the City of Puyallup. The place offers arrays of services for its people and visitors like senior services, animal controls for annoying raccoons and coyotes, education and financial aids, and many more. These services provide recreation programs to enhance the quality of life in the community. Visitors are being assisted with information to parking and events. Nature is in harmony in this city, as flowers and vegetation flourish throughout the place. The valley in which this city was originally settled is now the center of the town. The rich land is being planted with hectares of daffodils and being sold around the globe. The flowers are featured in a yearly fair every spring and September; the Puyallup Fair is the tenth largest fair in United States and the biggest in Washington State. Eons of volcanic and glacial geologic activities make the soil abundant; because of that, lush vegetables are being grown by the locals. Puyallup is indeed a magnificent place for the people living there and those who are just visiting. Despite that, continuous improvement is still being made by the city management to provide better services and continue the value of being generous.

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