About Redmond, Washington

Washington is known for its amazing cities and this includes Redmond City, which is situated in King County, Washington. In 2010, the population of the city was estimated to reach 53,680 and it has continued to grow each year. The local government has concentrated on developing the city into a place that will aid its residents. Redmond City acquires businesses as well as establishments that they are surely proud of. One of the big time companies that you can find in the city is the Microsoft Corporation. It was in 1986 when Microsoft moved its headquarters into Redmond and because of this the city became popular in a lot of countries worldwide. According to the local government record, the company has provided over 93,000 full-time jobs to most of its residents. It is one of the largest companies to have ever settled in Redmond wherein it has acquired a total area of 8 million sq ft. The progress of Microsoft over the years has brought a lot of benefits to the residents and the government of Redmond. Aside from Microsoft, the 23 public parks have helped Redmond to reach popularity in other countries. The parks are made to attract more tourists wherein most of these have sports field, trails, and picnic tables. The 60 Acres Park is the most popular among the other parks in Redmond because of the soccer field where most of the kids play. There are even help tournaments in the city that promotes camaraderie. In the succeeding years, the government plans a lot of projects that will make Redmond even more accommodating to its visitors.

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