About Renton, Washington

Situated about 21 kilometres to Seattle in the southeast, Renton is an industrial hub for technology as well to manufacturing companies. A notable company situated in Renton would be Boeing. Renton started up during the 1860’s being a supply town for the coalfields called Newcastle. Coal was discovered by Erasmus Smithers, a European settler, but before the discovery, Renton is just farming land. Renton had reached city status in 1901 with timber processing and coal mining its major economic activities. Renton had its industrial boom when Boeing built a factory for the production of the B-29 Superfortress, a long range a high altitude bomber in the Second World War. Until, today the factory continues to operate and it now produces 737 jet passenger aircraft. It would be obvious that Boeing is the city’s largest provider of employment for Renton. Recently the city has new projects to improve its infrastructure for residential, commercial and possibly industrial purposes are underway. This should make Renton grow further in many aspects most notably in the commercial aspect. Renton is the burial place of a legendary guitarist as well as singer, Jimi Hendrix. The grave of the rock legend is on Greenwood Cemetery. Some interesting events also transpired in Renton. A court case concerning to a statute that no adult theatres must be around 1000 feet or less to a residential zone, school or park in which the statute won against the theatres owners argument that First amendment was violated by the Statute. The statute as I can say keep the theatres at bay from such establishments.

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