About Sammamish, Washington

Incorporated on August 31, 1999, the city of Sammamish lies on the eastern shores of Lake Sammamish loaded with nature’s beauty and wonders. The city is known as an Eastside suburb of Seattle in King County of the state of Washington. It has total land area of 18.3 sq. mi., which also includes the Pine Lake and Beaver Lake within the city limits. These lakes are the popular fishing and recreation spots in Sammamish. The Lake Sammamish State Park offers a lot of recreational activities for the locals and tourists. It features several hiking trails, several recreational facilities, and athletic fields. There are more major parks within the city limits. The Beaver Lake Park is situated on the southwest portion of Beaver Lake and home to the annual “Nightmare at Beaver Lake”. It mainly features a huge and complex haunted-house type of attraction which happens in October annually. The park also hosts the annual Beaver Lake Triathlon which was started in 1994. The Pine Lake Park is another main spot where several outdoor community events are happening like concert series. It features a swimming beach and a boat launch. There are lots of picnic tables in the area and play structures for the children. It also has a large baseball field plus a basketball court. Aside from the city parks, the city has two private golf courses. The Sahalee Country Club is a premier golf course where numerous golf tournaments already took place like the 1998 PGA Championship. This golf course was also included in the list of Top 100 Courses by Golf Digest.

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