About Seattle, Washington

Seattle, the largest city in Washington, is the only metropolitan area that is situated in the northernmost part of the United States. Coined as “a city of neighborhoods”, it has extended itself and has nearly doubled its size on the earth’s surface as compared to its size in the year 1907. This was the year when it acquired a significant number of neighboring counties. Not so many dwellers can be tricked in this area because it carries the mark of the highest number of degree holders. This is not too shocking, especially because Seattle houses many of the country’s very competitive and old, yet productive schools and universities. Among these include the University of Washington, which is the city’s largest institution. Aside from this recognition, this university has been named as the country's top nursing schools. Its bewildering cityscapes continue to race amongst themselves to the roof of the city. The Space Needle tower, due to its incomparable architecture, has been featured in many Hollywood films. In addition to this famous landmark, Smith Tower, the tallest building in the entire West Coast, can be found in this city as well. Though an immense number of cars line up the streets on a daily basis, the city’s locals still insist in initiating ‘green’ technologies as much as possible. They are determined to achieve their goal of being a “Climate Neutral City.” In order to achieve this, they do their best to produce less carbon into the atmosphere. Music has always been a part of their culture too. In fact, Seattle is the origin of grunge music, which is somehow related to alternative rock. Also, it is the first city to let the public hear the golden voice of the Beatles on their radios. Indeed, this city is just fascinating because of its uniqueness and beauty.

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