About Shaw Island, Washington

Shaw Island is the smallest of the four San Juan Islands served by the Washington State Ferries. The island has a land area of 19.952 km² (7.7037 sq mi) and a small year-round population of 240 (2010 census), with only a slight increase during tourist season. The Wilkes Expedition, in 1841, named the island after John Shaw, a United States Naval Officer. This island has the reputation for being "exclusive", yet the island enjoys a rich, tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone and only the last four digits of phone numbers are given.Many years ago, a sign was put high up, by an individual, at the terminal reading "residents and guests only." The sign was so high that nobody wanted to climb up and claim it so it was posted for a couple of weeks.In the years of 2009-2010, it was reported that several residences were hit by the "Barefoot Bandit".On July 24, 2011, 44-youth were injured when a tractor pulling a trailer downhill was overpowered by the sheer weight of the people riding the trailer. About 50 people were on the island from two different churches on a summer retreat. When descending down the steep grade of Hoffman Cove Road, the trailer overpowered the tractor and began pushing it down the grade. As a result, the whole unit jackknifed a spilled the occupants onto the road. Four youth were airlifted to hospital, while paramedics were sent from Orcas Island to tend to the rest of the injured. A ferry was re-routed to take the less seriously injured to the mainland.

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