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Tacoma, also known as the City of Destiny, is an average sized port city in the United States. It lies in the county seat of Pierce, Washington. Tacoma is an urban port state which is home for the Northern Pacific Railroad in the west since the 19th century up to the present. The Port of Tacoma, one of the country’s largest ports, sits in the borders of the city and has become the heart of International trade within the Pacific Coast. As a centrally urbanized state, Tacoma has the history of using blue collared labor that is known to employ railroad workers throughout history to make the Northern Pacific Railroad project a reality. However at the present, the city has long been replaced by that coarse image and has turned into one of the most livable city in the country. Aside from this recognition, the city was also ranked as the 19th most walkable city in the countryside. This was determined by the low record of crime rate that has been reported. But before the city gained its present day success, it got to experience a major downfall during the mid 20th century. It was only in the year 1990 that the city got to regain its dignity back. Different historical museums are the current attraction in the city because of the rich history and vibrant stories that it offers to the masses. The city is rich with tradition and clearly illustrates how the state got to experience some things that helped it become a successful highly urbanized heart of culture and success.

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